It started with an idea. The radical thought to make one normal thing unorthodox, make one other thing unorthodox and then pair the two together. Plates & Crates's entire existence is built upon breaking the rules. In an era where everything seems to be Hip-Hop or Trap themed, this simple but tricky event aimed at making classic rap more palatable to non-traditional audiences and establishments, emerged at a time when venues were hesitant to take a chance with rap music. Therefore, relying on grind and charm, its founders had to literally knock down doors and pioneer the new wave of successful gatherings, parties and interactive series that tout Hip-Hop at the fore-front.

Ironically, much like the classic rap pioneers that it pays homage to, Plates & Crates has seen those other events reap the benefits in ways un-imagined when first venturing into uncharted territory, while remaining a boutique and nuanced event series. Established in the Spring of 2013 with an Ode to Nas' "It Was Written" album, Plates & Crates made a name for itself by introducing the pairing of brunch-at-nite with a live band cover performance of a classic rap album or theme. Starting as a monthly series in Harlem, the event eventually spread its wings to Brooklyn and made its way to art galleries, film festivals and the west coast.

Boasting notable highlights such as having Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest as a guest chef and Large Professor and Evil Dee (of Black Moon/Beatminerz/DuckDown)as guest DJ's for past events, Plates & Crates aims to become a staple in the realm of curating and preserving the culture through oral history with visual and gustatory elements. Embodying this, Plates & Crates is now the official live music forum for the annual Hip-Hop Film Festival and finds itself on the verge of growing even more until taking shape into its next stage in evolution. In the meantime, inviting you all to enjoy the growth and Come break the rules with us!